Introducing: Your Field Experts

BrianneBrianne Sanchez

Des Moines, Iowa

Topics of Focus: On-campus recruitment and coordination, retention, creative strategies to engage volunteers.

“I live for my book club!”

JulieKentJulie Kent

Denver, Colorado

Topics of Focus: Non-profit organizations and conferences – distribution channels and on-site tactics.

“What do I love about Denver? No humidity!”

LinhLinh Ta

Des Moines, Iowa

Topics of Focus: Volunteer management at downtown festivals and parades. Coordination tips for everyday success.

“I am a hybrid of Leslie Knope, Diane Nguyen and Martha Stewart.”

Version 2

 Josanna E. Berg-Hammond

Brooklyn, New York

Topics of Focus: Cause-driven volunteerism, contingency planning, and production tips for mid- to large-scale events.

“I’m always trying to make a joke out of everything and anything.”

Anna Elliot

Anna Elliot

Des Moines, Iowa

Topics of Focus: Music festivals, art festivals, churches and faith-groups.

“I’m naturally curious about people and ideas.”

Jordan MazeJordan Maze

Chicago, Illinois

Topics of Focus: Infographics, leveraging media to garner (and maintain) volunteers’ attention, effectively communicating to volunteer groups.

“I’m pretty even-keeled – it’s hard to get me riled up (unless it’s political). I appreciate good conversation and silence equally.”

BekahRebekah Coenen

Des Moines, Iowa

Topics of Focus: New technology in the world of volunteer recruitment – how (and why) to go mobile and stay ahead of the curve.

“Just a big kid with a full grasp of sarcasm.”

Samantha GrattonSamantha Gratton

Raleigh, North Carolina

Topics of Focus: Tools and resources to stay up-to-date on industry trends in event management.

“I often refer to myself as an extroverted introvert — I love being with people, but also love to balance that with introspective quiet.”

SwaneeSwanee Astrid

Boulder, Colorado

Topics of Focus: Art festivals, creativity in the space, attracting, engaging and maintaining millenial volunteers.

“Someone once described me as one of Elrond’s emissaries from Rivendell.”

Anne Summers 

West Des Moines, Iowa

“I love people but not crowds. I like deep conversation over small talk. I think more than I act (but I’m working on it).”

Kaylee Williams is the President of VolunteerLocal, a volunteer scheduling, management and communication platform for organizations of all types and sizes. Williams is passionate about community service and inclusion (diversity) in tech. She is a triathlete, volunteer coach for Girls on the Run, bass guitar player and homebrewer.