VolunteerLocal Field Expert: Swanee Astrid

Swanee Astrid

Boulder, ColoradoSwanee

“Something truly given not just of your time, but of your heart can never be taken away. In my strange little¬†corner of the world I see how much each of us gives to our sense of democracy and justice and equality through the time and space we share to come together; I am reminded of how much passion there is in the world and am validated in my own existence by this unity.”

What do you love about your hometown?

If I told you, you’d probably want to move here.

Tell us about your unique perspective when it comes to volunteer coordination.

I have been a volunteer for many occasions from parking at Renaissance fairs as a teenager to venue managing at major festivals as an adult. A lot of volunteer work occurs through my coordinator position at Naropa University with the student body and curricular events. As a community organizer in the writing community I host a regular series and am spearheading a mentorship program for queer youth with a therapeutic services non-profit, Queer Asterisk.

What is your favorite hobby or activity outside of work:

Cooking is a regular practice and one of my life passions. Also aikido & archery– I especially wish I had more time for these!

Who is your favorite musical artist?

Anne Waldman who is not techinically a musician, but if you have ever seen her perform you know she is a rockstar and her rendition of Jaguar Harmonics & Gimme Shelter” at the Jack Kerouac School is in my book of memories I’ll remember when I curtains close”

Where would your friends find you on a typical Friday night?

Holding an arts salon among our friends group, appreciating each others explorations in creativity while enjoying mixed drinks, delicious food, ultimately always dancing.


Kaylee Williams is the President of VolunteerLocal, a volunteer scheduling, management and communication platform for organizations of all types and sizes. Williams is passionate about community service and inclusion (diversity) in tech. She is a triathlete, volunteer coach for Girls on the Run, bass guitar player and homebrewer.