Why Pay for VolunteerLocal?

Curious about the features included in VolunteerLocal’s upgrades? Want to learn ways to enhance your experience and the experience of your volunteers? There are endless benefits to the tools offered on VolunteerLocal’s paid plan types. Here are just a few of our favorites available on the Discover Plan.


Communication Tool – Send email blasts event-wide, or to specific jobs or shifts. Never look up an individual volunteer’s schedule again – we offer data tags, which automatically populate with each volunteer’s individual information, including their upcoming job and shift schedule. Create and schedule email reminders to go out as often as you’d like, to help avoid no-shows.

Group Registration – Allow volunteers to sign up with friends or family members, ensuring they work the same jobs and shifts together without any intervention from the volunteer coordinator. VolunteerLocal will keep them bundled together, so you can easily keep track of them. 

Additional Administrative Users – Get by with a little help from your friends or team members. Add administrative users to your VolunteerLocal account, so they can assist with volunteer management. You can restrict or grant permissions to select events and certain features within the database for each administrator. 

Copy Event Feature – No need to build out the same jobs, shifts, or registration questions each time. You can copy your events over year to year (or month to month) with just a click of a button, copying as much or as little of your event as you’d like. 

Job & Shift Descriptions – Let volunteers know what to expect for their registered position with individual job and/or shift descriptions. These will be included in the confirmation message volunteers receive immediately after registration, so everything they need to know will be delivered to their inbox.

Copy and Move Volunteers – Schedules change, but that doesn’t have to be a hassle. Easily re-schedule volunteers into different jobs and shifts by dragging and dropping them or copying them into additional positions. 


Want a demo of these features? Ready to become a Discoverer? Shoot us an email at hello@volunteerlocal.com. And stay tuned for best features of our Grow and Conquer plans!