Our Big Adventure

An open letter to our customers-

I was hired as VolunteerLocal’s first intern almost two years ago. Far from brewing coffee and laminating paperwork, my tasks were anything but your typical run-of-the-mill “grunt” assignments. Every project I completed in those early weeks played some role in helping to grow the business. It was exhilarating. When President of the company, Brian Hemesath, called me up several months later to offer me a full-time position, I was already packing.

In May of 2012, I signed a lease, I bought a cat, and I moved to Des Moines to start my new job as the Community Builder for VolunteerLocal – a position which would enable me to work directly with our customers (that’s you!) for the first time.

I won’t lie – I was nervous. I sent you emails, called you on the phone, interviewed you for our company blog and tweeted up a storm. You could probably tell that I was just getting my feet wet. I learned very quickly, however, that real business requires trust and a genuine approach. I also found that building a loyal customer base takes time, and is not so easy as clicking “post” on Facebook or Twitter.

Then, something interesting happened. Of course, my job was to win you over – to provide a quality product at no cost with stellar customer service. While I hope I did accomplish this, the opposite also occurred: you won me over.

I researched your organizations and found statistics on the economic and social impact of your charities, races and nonprofits. I watched videos of runners crossing the finish line with tears in their eyes. I perused pictures of children learning to read in your shelters, hungry souls eating free curried vegetables in the streets, and troubled youth expressing themselves through art. I continue to be amazed by your work, your passion and your impact on our world. Everyday I sit down at my desk, I am inspired by you.

Today, I am excited to share with you that I will now be serving you as the Director of Business Development for VolunteerLocal. With this transition in leadership, I make three promises to you:

  1. I promise to keep our customer support unparalleled, our product user-friendly and your volunteers happy.
  2. I promise to do everything in my power to grow the company, resulting in a self-sustaining model that will enable us to keep our doors open, keep our lights on, and keep on serving you.
  3. I promise to listen. We’re here to empower your good work. Tell us how we can make your life easier; we’re all ears.

Thank you once again for choosing VolunteerLocal. I’m looking forward embarking on this adventure with you!

– Kaylee Williams and the VolunteerLocal Team (Brian, Brad and Jeremy)



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