The Largest Zumba Class in the World

It’s not everyday we get to help our customers break a Guinness World Record.

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On Saturday, September 14th, the City of Green Bay will attempt to hold the largest Zumba class in the world. The previous record was broken in 2012, when Dinaz Vervatvala gathered 6,671 people in India’s “People’s Plaza” and led them in a 30-minute Zumba workout. Feel the burn!

Green Bay’s effort will be choreographed by several key players, including City Council member Brian Danzinger. Danzinger, an Instructor/Trainer at the local YMCA and partner/advocate of the healthy living organization Live54218, sees the record-breaking Zumba class as more than just a way to make headlines. “We’re hoping this really inspires people to adopt healthier lifestyles,” he says. “I think a lot of people are intimidated by exercise –  but it’s not something that has to be grueling and excruciatingly difficult. It can be fun.”

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Don’t know much about Zumba? Don’t worry. If you’ve ever danced to your favorite song in the living room with your curtains drawn and the doors closed, you’ve pretty much nailed it. “Zumba is a latin-inspired, easy-to-follow dance cardio class,” explains Mel Tuomi, Group Exercise Coordinator at the downtown and west side YMCA in Green Bay. “It doesn’t even really feel like working out – there’s such great energy, it’s just really fun. It’s like a party.”

Want to get involved? Put on your dancing shoes and meet Brian, Mel (and 6,000 other friends) at Lambeau Field on Saturday, September 14th. The class starts promptly at 2pm (don’t be late!) and will last 31 minutes. Danzinger adds, “this event is all open to all ages – we would love to see entire families participate together.”



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