The Summer of Volunteering!

You asked for it, you got it. Welcome to VolunteerLocal’s 2013 Summer of Volunteering! We’ve just launched a webpage with links to the registration and sign-up pages for local events and organizations using our service. This new volunteer portal is a place for organizations to promote their events, build a stronger online following and strut their stuff for prospective volunteers.

Iowa Craft Beer Tent, meet Peace Tree enthusiast. Habitat for Humanity, meet serial-home-renovator. Des Moines Arts Festival, meet bi-lingual child specialist. Through the Summer of Volunteering, we expect to partner volunteers who have a desire to make an impact with meaningful community service opportunities in the area.

Here at VolunteerLocal headquarters, we believe people volunteer for causes they care about. On the Summer of Volunteering page, Des Moines residents will find over 25 local events, a list that is rapidly growing and expanding to include organizations from all across Iowa!

Would you like to see your event on the Summer of Volunteering webpage? Sign up today at (it’s free!) and then contact us when the event is ready to be listed!

Go to to become a volunteer today!

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