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Before you commit your New Year’s Eve festivities to the standard song-and-dance (you know the drill – champagne, sequins, kisses and confetti), consider this: live music, visual artists, art installations, decor, food, comedians, and aerial acrobats. Intrigued? It’s all going down on December 31st at the Des Moines Social Club’s New Year’s Eve Bash – and it’s one party you don’t want to miss. This year’s theme is ‘Bash to the Future.’

“Volunteers, after all, are the reason we can do any of the things that we do!” – Mickey Davis, Program Manager at the Des Moines Social Club

“We had always thought of doing a Back to the Future themed NYE, and this year seemed like the perfect time to do it,” says Mickey Davis, Program Manager at the Social Club. “As we started planning, we moved a little bit away from throwing a party based on the movie and instead are planning a party that showcases music, art, and decor in the past, present, and future.”

Attendees of this year’s event will find items based on the years 1965, 2015, and 2065 throughout the event.

The Des Moines Social Club (DMSC) is a multifaceted nonprofit arts organization that exists to create unprecedented community engagement through the arts. “More than anything else, the Social Club acts as a resource for new and developing artists to not only experience other art but also show the things they may be working on,” says Davis. “Incorporating both classes and performance, we hope to encourage artists to continue to develop their craft.”

The New Year’s Eve Bash, says Davis, “is almost a microcosm of all of that.” Through the many mediums of artistic expression which will be on display at the event, the Social Club hopes to provide a snapshot of what’s happening in Des Moines, both socially and artistically. If you’d like to get involved as a volunteer, you can sign-up today through VolunteerLocal.

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“VolunteerLcoal has been a great resource both in recruiting and managing volunteers,” says Davis. “Things change pretty quickly in the run-up to big events, so being able to talk to my volunteers in such an easy manner has been crucial in making sure we’re as prepared as possible for these big events.”

Davis adds, “Volunteers, after all, are the reason we can do any of the things that we do!”

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