“The Grass is Always Greener…”

It’s the unknown value of the “other.” The feeling of loss when you click “book” on that vacation package or the moment you pick one job over another. Economists call it opportunity cost, the rapper Pittbull calls it International LoveCNBC sums it up pretty well with the whole Europe does it better thing. And these are just a few of the MANY creative variations that we see in our everyday lives of the old adage, “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

Photo cred: www.blogs.chapman.edu

Here at VolunteerLocal, we’re all about volunteers giving back to their communities; making the world a better place, one soup kitchen at a time. Yet small, local nonprofits often struggle to find volunteers. Although there’s lots of work to be done, volunteer connection agencies and the nonprofits themselves can only do so much to entice area candidates to step forward and donate their time. So today, we encourage you to meet them halfway there: volunteers, unite! Celebrate your local food banks, your downtown day-care centers and public libraries by giving a little time and love to help their cause.

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Day-dreaming of palm trees and street names you can’t pronounce is probably a good sign that you should consider applying to international programs (try connecting with cool organizations like Volunteer Planet), but in the meantime, why not try looking around your own neighborhood for volunteer opportunities a little closer to home? (I know, I know–one does not simply walk into Mordor. But trust us, it’s easier than it sounds.)

Get on Google and find a free lunch program nearby. Meet the owners of a booth at the Farmer’s Market and learn to stuff, roll and fry egg-rolls. Donate your time walking dogs at the local humane society or teach a summer class at the arts center. You could even reach out to your Community Foundation for ideas. The world is a big place, but there are plenty of opportunities at home–all you have to do is seek them out.


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