Get Us Some Mo’!

It’s so good, you’re gonna want some mo’…rub, that is.

Meet Steph Jessen, co-pilot at the grill and co-creator of Mo’Rub–a spicy, zesty, all-natural rub for anything from pork loins to hard boiled eggs. Steph and her husband, Mo, first invented Mo’Rub as a Christmas gift for family and friends. “Before every Christmas, our friends would come around and ask for more,” said Steph. “We intended for it to be a pork rub, but our friends were using it on everything!” When the duo found out that some were even sprinkling it over SpaghettiOs, they knew they had created something special.

Courtesy of Mo’Rub

SpaghettiOs, however, was just the beginning. In June of 2011, Steph and Mo quit their full-time, salaried positions and began the LLC popularly known as Mo’Rub. Today, you can find the Top 10 Uses for Mo’Rub on their website–a list that includes such tried-and-true favorites as Mo’Nuts, Mo’Dip, and Guaca-Mo’-le (ohhh yeah!). Coming soon? Mo’Mary–the Ultimate Bloody Mary. It didn’t take Steph or Mo long to realize the viability of this multifarious rub–a spice that’s got even their uses ever-evolving, thanks to recipe submissions by fans online. “You’d be amazed what people can do with our rub,” said Steph. “Grilled cheese sandwiches, hashbrowns–you name it.”

Today, the team is back in Iowa (after a short hiatus out west), traveling the state with a hot grill, quick hands, lots of wings and–you guessed it–plenty of Rub. A summer tour like this, however, takes more than just two great cooks. They need plenty of volunteers along the way.

Their “secret spice” to volunteer coordination? VolunteerLocal. “Before [VolunteerLocal], we relied mostly on friends and word-of-mouth for volunteers,” said Steph. “We tried reaching out to corporate businesses that had volunteer databases, and we even put a blurb in the Des Moines Register,” she added. “We got some pretty crazy people.”

Courtesy of Mo’Rub

Now, Steph and Mo can travel to farmer’s markets and festivals all over the state, recruiting volunteers along the way–for two busy entrepreneurs, it’s a perfect fit. “It’s such an awesome tool and resource,” said Steph. “We’re in the beginning phases of our venture, and we appreciate this resource to assist us!”

VolunteerLocal: fresh-off-the-grill volunteer management with a little kick.

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