You’ve Got Questions: Confirmation Settings

To auto-confirm, or not to auto-confirm…THAT is the question!

VolunteerLocal gives you a couple of options when it comes to confirming your volunteers: you can allow our system to do it automatically when they select a shift, or you can force your volunteers to confirm themselves via the ‘confirmation link’ sent to them in an e-mail.


We think it’s time to de-mystify this almighty impasse: the choice between an e-mail confirmation or auto-confirmation within VolunteerLocal. It’s a divisive topic among our volunteer coordinators–but here are some key arguments for parties on both sides of the field (and a tip or two from us)!

Auto-Confirmation: All the Cool Kids Are Doing It.

Auto-confirmation is the simplest, easiest option. The volunteers select a shift, they answer the questions, and “wa-bam!” They’re in. If you’re coordinating a small event, working with volunteers you mostly know, or maybe you just don’t want the hassle–go hands-free. Pick auto-confirmation. Click “Events”–>”Your Events”–>”Confirmation Settings” and check the box underneath the header that reads, Automatic Confirmation Option. Don’t forget to change the content of the e-mail below this checkbox, as there will┬áno longer be a link in the e-mail to confirm your volunteers.

E-mail Confirmation: Knowledge is Power.

Running a particularly large event? You may not get a chance to interact with your volunteers personally, but you need them–a lot of them. You’ll also need to ensure that the e-mail addresses they submit are valid, and that they are truly committed to working for your event. The e-mail confirmation sends the volunteers a link in the confirmation e-mail after they sign up–they are not confirmed until they click this link and confirm themselves.

Beware: Sometimes, using the e-mail confirmation option can lead to unconfirmed volunteers (those who don’t click the link in the e-mail to confirm their spots). You can access this unconfirmed list by clicking “Volunteers”–>”Unconfirmed List.” Here, you’ll have the option to confirm them yourself from the back-end.



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