Cutting the Paperwork

By the time you’ve printed out schedules, one sheets and waivers for your event, it can feel like you’ve decimated a small forest.

So, what can you do to digitize your event and cut back on your paper? We’ve rounded up some of our top ways to bring your event into the electronic age and minimize the amount of times you have to pick up all the papers one of the volunteers just knocked on the ground.



They’re a necessary evil, but at least they don’t have to be the physical embodiment of one. Throw those waivers online and not only do you make it simple for volunteers to fill out before even getting to your event, you have an online database of every waiver you’ve received. Emailing is simple enough, though we’re partial to a folder on your desktop with all the signed waivers and an excel document checking off which volunteer has sent theirs in. But that’s just us! You do you.


Sign Up

This one’s a no brainer. There’s no need to have volunteers calling you, signing up on sheets, etc. Just get that puppy online! Simple, easy, and on the internet, which means it will live forever and you can never forget who signed up for the next shift.



Gone are the days of the one-sheets that explain everything you need to do. Instead of a typed up document telling volunteers how to do a job, why don’t you show them? Quick video tutorials are easy to shoot on a cell phone and can be emailed, uploaded to your event’s Facebook group or even just texted to the people who need to see them.


So there you have it, team. Save yourself some time printing and lugging papers all over and digitize what you can.


Josanna E. Berg-Hammond

Josie Berg-Hammond is a staff writer at VolunteerLocal. She likes eating good things, meeting new people, and living in the Big Apple.