Five Typical Festival Jobs

Every festival is its own unique little unicorn, but we all know there are a few jobs that are mandatory no matter what the festival is.


We’ve rounded up the top 5 volunteer jobs we know almost every festival needs and a quick tip for each one to keep your festival running smoothly.


Set Up

Calling all perfectionists! The best move you can make with set up is rounding up all the volunteers who are obsessed with things looking just right and then letting them work their magic. No need to hover, they won’t be happy until everything’s perfect.


Tear Down

You guys trying to rage? This one is for the people who like to break stuff. Gather a team of your brawniest folk and get to tearing – just make sure someone doesn’t throw out all the screws you need for next year.


Food and Beverage

People think the food and beverage beat is going to be the best because of snacks, but we all know that station is all about the money. Calculated, focused and responsible people will make sure everything’s taken care of and you don’t have to worry about the change drawer.



Ever had a wrist band cut off your circulation while an angry person chews their gum and glares at you? Did it make you feel terrible? Yeah, it’s the worst. This spot is for the amicable, smiley folk who are just excited to welcome you to the event.


Green Team

The green team needs to care, plain and simple. When you don’t care, you take those plastic bottles and throw them in the trash can because it’s closer. When you do care, you carefully assess each pickup to make sure you’re filing it into the correct area according to Mother Earth’s standards.


So there you have it. Every volunteer is wonderful in their own way and they all have a special skill set making them perfect for a specific job. Assess your team, assign appropriately, and let everything fall right into place.



Josanna E. Berg-Hammond

Josie Berg-Hammond is a staff writer at VolunteerLocal. She likes eating good things, meeting new people, and living in the Big Apple.