Why Use Volunteer Management Software

2017 called and it said to let go of your old Excel sheets and move to a quicker way to organize volunteers.

Volunteer management software conveniently takes care of the busy work volunteer coordinators are bogged down with, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

It is the simple solution if you’re the person that spends hours over spreadsheets, groans over your inbox or stresses over scheduling volunteers.

From the convenience of your computer, the software streamlines processes like registering volunteers, moving around shifts and providing details like maps and work descriptions.

The process is easy: Simply create your event and the software will handle the rest. Volunteers can sign up for shifts they’re interested in, register with a buddy or easily change their times.

By easing your workload, the software gives you time to focus on other duties and reduce your labor and costs.

As for the volunteers, the easy-to-use service makes it even more convenient for them to find and sign up for a shift, encouraging them to come back again and again.

And you can easily send out a thank you email to them with a simple click.


A few of the things volunteer management software can do to help you:

  • Easily create jobs and shifts
  • Customize questions during registration
  • Send an automated follow-up email to a volunteer
  • Get notifications when volunteers sign up or cancel
  • Ditch paper waivers by including online waivers from volunteers
  • Keep track of phone numbers, addresses and important volunteer information


Even if you aren’t ready to let go of your Excel sheets, fear not. Software like VolunteerLocal makes it easy to export volunteer data, so you don’t have to glue yourself to your computer.

Trust us, your planner will thank you.