Field Expert: Anne Summers

Anne Summers

West Des Moines, Iowa

“Volunteering is important to me because it’s where I learn most about myself, about other people, and about our world. I love being a part of something bigger than myself, and I enjoy working with others on a shared goal.”

What do you love about your hometown?

I love the big-little town vibe of our city. It’s such a treat to have access to city amenities and events while also enjoying tastes of small town familiarity. More specifically, I love our trees. It may sound nostalgic and cliche, but when we were looking for a home, I was looking for trees. Our neighborhood delivered!

Tell us about your unique perspective when it comes to volunteer coordination.

I’ve worked in the non-profit sector for seven years, and I’ve met some of the best volunteers! I’ve managed volunteers in a variety of roles including one-time events, annual conferences, and weekly tasks.

What is your favorite hobby or activity outside of work:

Reading and riding bikes with my little family. We just got a Yuba that fits both kids on the back and has an electric assist to give me a boost up the hills!

Who is your favorite musical artist?

The Avett Brothers

Where would your friends find you on a typical Friday night?

As the parent of a toddler, most Friday nights are spent relaxing on the couch with my husband.

Kaylee Williams is the President of VolunteerLocal, a volunteer scheduling, management and communication platform for organizations of all types and sizes. Williams is passionate about community service and inclusion (diversity) in tech. She is a triathlete, volunteer coach for Girls on the Run, bass guitar player and homebrewer.