Marking those Milestones, Baby

There are many milestones in life – your first steps, your first kiss, your first time seeing Justin Bieber in concert (or so we’ve been told). But none can quite compare to the moment when you hit that million mile marker.

VolunteerLocal has officially had 1.2 MILLION unique volunteers use our platform. Whether they were registering to hand out water at a marathon, check wristbands at a music festival, or assist a local nonprofit, over one million individual people signed up to donate their time to important causes while using our system. That is a serious amount of helping hands!

We here at VolunteerLocal absolutely love being able to aid other organizations as they reach their own milestones, which wouldn’t be possible without the endless support of generous volunteers. Our motto is happy volunteers, because happy volunteers make the world a happier place.

So here’s to all the organizations who have supported us, and the volunteers who have supported them. Cheers to the next 1.2 million!