Getting Friendly on Ambler Farm

VolunteerLocal was created and headquartered in Iowa, so you could say we’re fans of the great outdoors. We’ve spent our fair share of time among the cornfields, and we even tipped a few cows back in our day (we’re not proud).

Ambler Farm knows a thing or two about agriculture. The 200-year-old working farm has 22 acres of gorgeous land, and is one of Wilton, Connecticut’s best kept secrets. The farm was built in the 1790s by Revolutionary War veteran Josiah Raymond, and was continuously owned and occupied by his descendants for 200 years. In 1999, after the last surviving family member passed away, the town of Wilton purchased the land with overwhelming taxpayer support as part of an open-space initiative. A non-profit group called Friends of Ambler Farm was formed, and a mission was crafted to celebrate the town’s agrarian roots through active-learning programs, sustainable agriculture, responsible land stewardship, and historic preservation.

Today, Ambler Farm is active and fruitful with productive gardens; a successful farm stand; numerous educational programs for children, adults and families; and annual community events (maple syruping, anyone?). Many of these events are now Wilton traditions, as the town comes together to enjoy the best of what the farm offers and to celebrate the cycle of the New England year.

The Friends of Ambler Farm relies heavily on volunteers to help manage fundraisers, such as the annual Ambler Farm Day and Holiday Greens Sale, with over 100 volunteers needed for each event. “The reporting functionality has made it easier to track who is signing up and has allowed us to effectively acknowledge individuals for their service,” says Laurie Masonson, Marketing Board Member of Friends of Ambler Farm. “By keeping track of volunteers, we’ve also been able to use the database as a recruitment tool for reaching out to volunteers and requesting their support with other events. Demonstrating a more organized manner of recruiting volunteers promotes a sense of professionalism as we are working towards growing our volunteer base.”

 VolunteerLocal has also helped keep volunteers happy (the ultimate goal!). “To date, we’ve received positive feedback from our volunteers that they appreciate the VolunteerLocal system,” says Masonson.

So next time you want some one-on-one gardening tips, or are craving a delicious farm-to-table meal, consider giving Ambler Farm a visit. In the meantime, you can learn more about their amazing history and exciting upcoming events on their website.





Photos courtesy of Amber Farm